Florida Wildlife Officials Are Killing Invasive Iguanas by Smashing in Their Skulls

As part of a $63,000 research project to devise new and effective ways of pruning back the skyrocketing iguana population in south Florida, wildlife officials in the state have started to smash in the heads of iguanas, saying it’s a quick and “humane” form of euthanasia. Sounds dreadful—and it is—but the situation in…

North Korea's Zoo Chimp Smokes a Pack a Day Because Life Is Cruel and People Are Terrible

Nineteen-year-old Azalea, a chimp who’s probably as smart as your kid, has to live in North Korea’s Central Zoo in Pyongyang. But that’s not why she’s smoking a pack a day. It’s because some asshole trained her to use a lighter, to puff smoke, and then bow and dance for delighted families all day.