TheĀ Halloween Sequel Isn't the Only Decades-Old Scary Story to Get a Reboot This Year, Thanks to the DEA

Itā€™s Halloween, my ghoulish friends, the time of spooks, spirits, and things that serve subpoenas in no-knock raids in the night. So itā€™s no surprise that the Drug Enforcement Agency is continuing to haunt us with scary campfire tales warning of, uh, children eating ā€œdrug laced candyā€ tonight, despite the near-totalā€¦

The Main Ingredient in Psychedelic Mushrooms Is Closer to Becoming an FDA-Approved Depression Treatment

The active ingredient that makes magic mushrooms so magicā€”the psychedelic drugĀ psilocybinā€”is one step closer to becoming a legal treatment for difficult cases of depression. This week, the company Compass Pathways announced that it had received the Food and Drug Administrationā€™s Breakthrough Therapy designation for itsā€¦