President Trump's Head of Consumer Protection Doesn't Give a Shit About Investigating the Equifax Breach

In any normal society, the top executives at Equifax would be hauled in front of Congress, many would be thrown in prison, the company would be shut down, and all of the company’s assets would be seized. But we don’t live in a normal society—a fact that has become even more clear today.

China Denies That It Gifted the African Union an HQ Building Stuffed Full of Surveillance Devices

The government of China has long held an interest in building bridges with countries across Africa, which it sees as both a major opportunity for economic investment and a chance to project geopolitical power. But while mutual solidarity is nice and all, the Chinese want to leave as little to chance as possible in…


What We Know So Far About Meltdown and Spectre, the Devastating Vulnerabilities in Modern CPUs [Updated]

This week, news of massive security vulnerabilities afflicting every modern model of Intel processor went public, even as developers for practically every major platform frantically rushed to roll out fixes. Much more information has now become available about Meltdown and Spectre, a group of attack methods malicious…

Report: All Intel Processors Made in the Last Decade Might Have a Massive Security Flaw [Updated]

There’s small screwups and big screwups. Here is tremendously huge screwup: Virtually all Intel processors produced in the last decade have a major security hole that could allow “normal user programs—from database applications to JavaScript in web browsers—to discern to some extent the layout or contents of protected…