Read this Scathing 1988 Viewer Reaction to Doctor Who and Try Not to Feel Sad for Sylvester McCoy

Sylvester McCoy’s era on Doctor Who has always gotten a bit of a bad rap. After all, it’s the period of the show that eventually saw Doctor Who go on hiatus for decades. With the gift of hindsight, it’s easy to see the good and fascinating things this era of the show did, but apparently audiences at the time really,

Pioneering Psychologist Hans Asperger Was a Nazi Sympathizer Who Sent Children to Be Killed, New Evidence Suggests

The term “Asperger’s syndrome” will never be heard the same way again, owing to new research showing that Hans Asperger—the Austrian pediatrician for whom the disorder was named—was an active participant in the Nazi eugenics program, recommending that patients deemed “not fit for life” be sent to a notorious…