Game of Thrones' Craziest Stunt Flamebroiled 20 People in a Single Day 

Game of Thrones isn’t one to shut away from gutsy stunts, whether it’s the epic horse skirmish in “Battle of the Bastards,” or that stupid thing where we all watched ice melt to find out when season seven was coming. But all of them pale in comparison to what may be considered GoT’s craziest stunt, which probably…

Watching these crazy guys do tricks off a 40-story building made my knees disappear

I might have cried. I don’t know for sure because I’m unable to process emotion or feel my face after seeing these two guys, Ilya Bagaev and OlgaCricket, tease death by pulling tricks on the roof and even on the side of a 40-story building. I stopped the video multiple times because I just couldn’t take it anymore.