Dungeons & Dragons | The Wire Stunt | Paramount Movies

“Our stunt team said that they had never put so many primary actors in one wire stunt in their careers,” says co-director John Francis Daley in the clip, which shows the stars going through the rigs and tricks necessary to perform the scene. “It was probably needlessly ambitious,” Daley says, “considering the shot lasts only a few seconds.” All the actors seem excited, and Michelle Rodriguez (in pure/true/classic/excellent) barbarian fashion, can be heard yelling “I want more!” at the end of the stunt.

“I think any time you can put your actors in those situations and not rely on stunt people to do it, it shows,” Daley says. “They all ready would just go for it,” adds co-director Jonathan Goldstein. “In some cases we had to tell them the they weren’t doing [certain] stunts,” opting instead to use stunt doubles, because they had determined it was “too risky.” From the looks of it, most of the cast would have probably been pretty excited to get back on the wires.


From Paramount Home Entertainment, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves will be available to purchase digitally on May 2. All bonus features will be available with a digital purchase.

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