More Wild Rumors Hint the Obi-Wan Movie Could Be Closer Than We Thought

More rumors tease a wild story for Hawkeye in Avengers 4. The Punisher and American Gods offer some intriguing casting for their second seasons. Han Solo screws up in a new clip from Solo: A Star Wars Story. Plus, what’s to come in the season finale of Arrow, and another wild Deadpool 2 promo. Spoilers, away!

John Boyega Drops an Intriguing Hint About Finn in Star Wars: Episode IX

There’s more rumors about the comics that could inspire the He-Man movie. James Gunn teases a certain ravager’s role in Marvel’s post-Infinity War world. A little more Legion is on the way. Plus, new looks at Amunet Black’s return to The Flash, and an Agents of SHIELD star hints at a connection to Infinity War.…

Updates on Star Wars: The Last JediBlack Mirror, Crisis on Earth-X, and More 

Todd McFarlane offers a sneak peek at his Spawn movie. Punisher showrunner Steve Lightfoot talks potential characters for season two. Stephen Amell hypes up this week’s gigantic DC/CW crossover special. Plus, a new Walking Dead clip, and another look at Black Mirror’s fourth season. Spoilers now!

Netflix's The Punisher Is a Brutal Humanization of Frank Castle That Can't Face Its Own Demons

The last time we saw Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, he’d fully embraced his Punisher persona and taken to doling out his personal brand of justice even after he’d killed the people directly responsible for the death of his family. It’s interesting, then, that that man is not the Frank…

New Updates From Avengers 4, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Justice League, And More

Steppenwolf speaks in new Justice League footage. Some new Star Wars toys may tease some intriguing Last Jedi dialogue. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Kingkiller Chronicles adaptation finds a home. Plus, Konami wants to bring another classic video game to the big screen, and Avengers 4 set pictures. Hooray for spoilers!

Punisher MAX: The Platoon Is Exactly the Kind of Story Frank Castle Needs Right Now

Depending on who you ask, Frank Castle is a symbol for a number of different and sometimes conflicting ideas. To some, he’s a dangerous antihero who represents the darkness that all costumed crimefighters are on the verge of slipping into. To others, he’s an idealized embodiment of the United State’s military might.