Kilauea Volcano Has Turned This Hawaiian Shore Into an Apocalyptic Wasteland

It’s been over six weeks since lava fissures began erupting on Hawaii’s Big Island, and there’s still no end in sight. New videos taken by the US Geological Survey reveal the dramatic extent to which the encroaching lava has reshaped the surrounding landscape, turning once gorgeous beaches into a smoldering pile of…

Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano Is Now Spewing Large 'Ballistic' Rocks

As if the residents of Hawaii’s Big Island don’t have enough to worry about already, the US Geological Survey is now warning residents of yet another threat: large rocks shooting from Kilauea’s crater. Several rocks, including one measuring two feet wide, have already fallen— but the situation could get even worse.

Authorities Warn Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Could Explosively Erupt, With 17 Fissures Now Reported

The eruption at Kilauea volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island has technically been going on for over 30 years, but became a problem in recent weeks when a collapse on its eastern flank started draining its lava lake into surrounding parts of the island. It’s continued to get worse since then, and as of Sunday, CBS reported a…

The Real Geology Behind the Doom of Valyria and How It Literally Tore Game of Thrones' World Apart

There are certain mysterious phenomena in the world of Game of Thrones— like the reappearance of dragons, White Walkers, and the Children of the Forest—that the people of Westeros can neither quite explain nor agree upon if they’re real. Others, though, like the Doom of Valyria, are widely accepted as historical fact.