Bike, stroller or wheeled trebuchet? Whatever it is, the Taga takes kid-carrying in a new direction. I just can't help thinking those two smiling kids are one wheelie away from joining the ISS.

Luckily for the kids, the Taga trike stroller comes with a range of custom safety options and accessories, like the pictured double child seat, car seat, basket, and wooden double-seat trailer. Oh, and it transforms from trike to stroller in a few seconds, which is actually incredibly innovative and convenient. I'm going to go ahead and assume you take little Timmy out first.


The 44 to 64-lb. Taga kit tops off with a Shimano gear system (found on most mid-range bicycles), as well as front, rear, and parking brakes. The whole kit folds down to car trunk size. Again, take Timmy out first.

Europe only for now with a sky-high $2,500 base price. [Taga via Treehugger via DVICE]