Taika Waititi Just Gave Apple's Time Bandits TV Series a Huge Boost

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The last nugget we got on the long-proposed TV series based on Terry Gilliam’s dark time-travel fantasy Time Bandits came last summer—until today, with a huge update: Taika Waititi has come aboard the in-development Apple series to co-write and direct the pilot.

This comes courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter, and while there’s not much more to the story beyond Waititi coming aboard—he’ll also executive produce, along with original film director and co-writer Gilliam, and Dan Halsted of TBS alien-abduction comedy People of Earth—the addition of such an in-demand talent (Thor: Ragnarok; FX’s upcoming What We Do in the Shadows series; a little something called The Mandalorian) bodes well for Time Bandits finally making it to air...and not sucking, either.

Fans of Gilliam’s cult classic will recall the idea for a series adaptation has been kicking around since at least 2015; previously, the film—about an 11-year-old boy who meets a pack of time-traveling dwarf treasure hunters and has adventures galore, though the movie’s ending is a legendary bummer—had been under consideration for an upbeat, family-friendly remake which thankfully never happened.


We’ll be keeping an ear out for more on this version of Time Bandits, should Apple move forward with the series.

Update: The studio behind the Time Bandits project is MRC.

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