Take a Journey Inside Cristophe Claret's Complex DualTow Watch

The only way to fully appreciate the beautiful complexity of a watch like the DualTow is to take a look under the hood—and that is just what Christophe Claret is doing with this Innerspace-esque video.

The most innovative attribute, is its unique single-pusher planetary-gear chronograph with striking system. A single-push piece activates three identically structured planetary gears that control the chrono functions. A patent has been filed for this original interpretation of the chronograph. As if that is not enough, Christophe Claret has chosen to add a striking mechanism signaling when the chronograph is started, stopped and reset.


Even with the video, the intricacy of the design is far too much for my mechanically moronic mind to wrap around—but this is the best look most of us will ever get considering that only 68 pieces will be made. [Christophe Claret via Professional Watches]

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So, aren't, like, half the videos on Youtube using this song by now????

I hope someone's getting royalties.