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Let s step away from the constant rat race that is consumer technology for a moment to focus on a gadget that actually aims to improve people s quality of life rather than squeezing out a few more polygons per second. The Blink Twice company recently unveiled its new AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) gadget, the Tango! It s a communication device for people who have communication-related impairments with pre-loaded phrases as well as enough extra features to warm the heart of geeks worldwide. It s the first device of its kind to incorporate a digital camera along with a flash to capture life s less well-lit moments. The Tango! can also alter the pitch of voice to make it seem like a child (or adult) is talking, as the situation merits. The SD card slot benefits from a helpful wizard that activates once a card is inserted, making uploading and downloading images a snap. Communication devices like this don t come cheaply, however, as the Tango! carries a price of $6899. Still, for what it does and who is aims to help, the Tango! is a gadget worthy of admiration.


Tango! Presented at CSUN 2006 [Axistive]

Blink Twice [Product Page] (Thanks, Dennis!)

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You guys have obviosly never worked with or been involved with a person with disabilities. I work with an adult with CP who can not communicate without a device. How awesome will it be for him to be able to communicate with his peers as well as people like you. How much do you think it's worth for HIM to be able to communicate with people in his community of his wants and needs?? This will make the world—his world accessible. I really hope that you really think more of this device than something to play games on. It's a way of being a part of the world you live in. Have a great day.