TapNav GPS for iPhone: It Shows You Exactly Which Way to Go

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You're alone, driving your car down a windy road and dark doesn't even begin to describe what it looks like out there. You slow down and make guesstimate turns with a 67% confidence that you're going the right direction and not gonna die. Heart pounding, heavy breathing, goddamn it's scary.

TapNav GPS for iPhone fixes that problem by telling you exactly which way the road is curving before it curves.

What's it do?

It's a GPS app that cleverly uses Augmented Reality to show you which direction the road is going to go. Once you fire open the app, you'll see what's literally in front of you IRL (it uses a live feed from the camera like other AR apps) and a series of "AR" discs that paint the direction you should be going. So not only do you know which way to turn, you won't get lost as long as you follow the blue disc road.


Why do we like it?

Traditional GPS apps, even when they're outfitted with Google Maps awesomeness, can be hard to follow in real time. Do I make a left here? Or there? Crap, was it back there? Is this the right street? They're incredibly useful but it's never quite exactly clear what you need to do. With TapNav, you actually get to see the path you have to take imposed on the road you're driving on. It's in real time with a real feed—just genius for those who have a penchant for getting lost. I'm pretty sure the future of GPS is going to eventually look more like this than the mapmumbojumbo we have now.


TapNav GPS

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The Best

You see the road as it turns!

The Worst

Not exactly pretty