Tate Britain's Bluetooth Xmas Tree

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And as the second as in an unintentional UK Holidays theme, this year's Tate Britain Christmas Tree by Richard Wentworth (an artist commissioned by Tate Britain, which I gather is a corporate art collective specializing in preserving the cultural heritage of the British) includes a Bluetooth antenna and receiver to which passers-by can leave 'gifts' in the form of photos, movies, text messages, and anything else that can be transferred as a file. On Christmas Day, the presents will be 'unwrapped' at www.untitledfolder.org/christmastree, presumably after a proper screening process. If you'd like to harrow the sad sack who will have to filter through the thousands of pictures of people's genitalia bedecked in tiny Santa hats, but won't be able to visit the tree in London, you may also send presents to christmastree@untitledfolder.org.

And if you were thinking of sending your original spread 'Taint Britain,' let's just say somebody might have already beat you to it. (Thanks, Matthew!)


Tate Britain Christmas Tree by Richard Wentworth [ArtDaily]

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