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Teac R-1B Retro'd Radio: Knobby!

Illustration for article titled Teac R-1B Retrod Radio: Knobby!

Here is the Teac R-1B Retro AM/FM Radio. I am a sucker for any kind of vintage looking radio. Maybe I just like big knobs. (No sexual pun intended) This radio comes loaded up with two big ass knobs and three average sized knobs to give it that classic look. The speaker is pretty average with an output of 1.5W. Nothing too spectacular. It operates on batteries and a two-hour charge will provide 10 hours of playback.


What kind of modern radio would this be with an "iPod port"? It actually isn't an iPod port, rather it is a standard auxiliary input, so any MP3 player or audio device can hook up to the R-1B. It will be available tomorrow, in Japan only, for $90. This one may be worth an import, though.

Teac R-1B Retro AM/FM Radio [Newlaunches]

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Knobby.. lol. Kinda like my girlfriend. $90 for mono? No thanks... unless Costco has it on sale eventually for $45.