Teacher Gets Busted After Texting Local Cops for Weed

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Be careful what you send via text. Ann Greenfield, a 34-year old teacher in Kentucky, got screwed over after accidentally texting a state trooper and not her dealer for some marijuana. The cop texted her back, set up a meeting place, and when Greenfiled showed up, had an entire squad waiting for her. I've heard of drunk texting before, but sadly this was sober. Moral of the story: look before you text.


Text Messages Lands Teacher in Hot Water [USA Today]

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Munch the BanNail

@FROST1: ".why do people say drugs are bad? Cause they harm the body in ways" If you look into why pot was criminalized in the first place, you'll find that it was blatant racism, and not at all for public safety. Around the time of the Great Depression, there was fear that 'Blacks & Mexicans' (politically incorrect classifications used for effect) were taking jobs and creating an unsafe environment for Whites. The first states to criminalize weed were the ones with the highest populations of these 'undesireable' races, as weed was most used among minorities (If we take away their 'hobbies' maybe they'll leave and go somewhere else). Other states were pressured to follow suit, and did so. Opium (a much more harmful drug) was criminalized essentially because whites were paranoid that the asians in 'opium dens' (opium use was prevalent in Asian American society) were using the the drug to make white women more receptive to their advances. Essentially, many drugs were criminalized not for public safety, but for exclusion.

Pot has historically been used for relaxation, easing the pain of childbirth (THOUSANDS of years ago), glaucoma, easing the nausea associated with things like chemotherapy (there are other anti-nausea medications, but they don't help you if you vomit them up), treating migraines, and countless other things. Not only that, but research as to other possible uses of marijuana is stifled since the research itself requires the use of an illicit substance. To be quite honest, pharmaceutical companies aren't all that interrested in doing research on pot anyway. There's just not much money to be made in a medication that can be grown in your own back yard. If tobacco and alcohol are legal, there is NO GOOD REASON why pot shouldn't be (aside from the fact that the 'weed industry' doesn't have millions of dollars to spend lining the coffers and pockets of the members of our legislative branch). Marijuana has NEVER been implicated in the death of one single individual.

IMHO every prisoner incarcerated for a violent crime should be provided with marijuana cigarettes. Imagine how much safer our prison staff would be if all of the prisoners wanted to eat whatever you put in front of them before they hung out together. Gang fights would be replaced with hackey sack circles.