Teen Buys Camera with Picture of Dead Uncle Inside

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You never know what you're going to find at a garage sale, but you can usually be pretty sure it won't be an unexpected image of a dead relative from 23 years ago. This Kansas kid got just that.


The Wichita Eagle reports 13-year-old Addison Logan found a Polaroid camera for only $1, and snatched it up right away. After all, to a young teen, a Polaroid must be as exciting a find as a gramophone or dinosaur bone. It must have been exciting!—until he opened the cartridge up and showed his grandmother the snapshot lodged inside:

Lois Logan said she looked at the photo and saw her son, Scott, who died in an auto accident 23 years ago.

The photo showed Scott sitting on a sofa with a high school girlfriend, Susan. Lois guessed it was taken in 1978 or 1979, about 10 years before his death.

"It was really weird," grandma noted. Yes. What's weirder is no one in the family has any idea how the intimate portrait wound up in a stranger's garage sale for a buck. [Wichita Eagle]


What kind of polaroid camera is this? Wouldn't the picture have spit out of it once taken? And doesn't the photo need air for the chemicals to process?

...if the camera broke after this picture was taken (as in it didn't spit out the photo and thus no one bothered with it), and no one threw it away because the owner always said "I'll fix it". Until eventually it was found in an attic or garage and put out for sale. Then the kid just so happened to find it, purchase it, and low and behold he opens it to find the picture- which after 30 years had enough air to create the exposure.

Yes. That makes the most sense to me...