Teens Are Planning Raging Parties at Vacant Multi Million Dollar Mansions with Google and Twitter

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Supposedly inspired by that party movie Project X and probably more influenced by their own impressionable roller coaster hormones, teenagers are doing teenage things, only bigger, badder and from the sounds of it, a helluva lot more fun... and illegal. Hundreds of teenagers are flocking to parties at vacant mansions planned using Google and Twitter.

In the past month, three parties have been held at vacant multimillion dollar homes in the San Diego, CA area. Most recently, a $5 million, 10,000 square foot mansion was the party spot to 400 teenagers who, according to 10News, were using drugs and alcohol and dancing to a live DJ when the police raided the house and shut it down. The home owner and property manager had no clue of what was going on, only saying they found the house in ruins after the busted rager:

"The house was trashed. Vomit, cigarette butts, bottles everywhere. I no longer list homes as "vacant" because they just googled vacant homes, and they found it"


The police agree that it's getting a little out of hand, saying:

"One house there was holes kicked in the dry wall. Damages were at 50 grand. Deputies rolled up and the kids were jumping off 12 feet balconies."

Pretty epic! And also pretty foolish. Though it's sort of clever to use Google to find vacant homes to host your party spot, it's definitely not clever to use your own personal Twitter account to spread the word. If you want to keep the party going (and keep yourself out of trouble), don't use your own Twitter handle. Invent one like @MillionDollarMansionParties or something. Other than that, kids will be kids. Dumb and dangerous, on top of the world yet not understanding consequences. It's good to be young.* [10News]

*We are not condoning these parties that ruin homes.


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I once had a party at my house while my dad was out of town when i was younger. I created a facebook event for it, invited everyone I wanted to invite, and figured I was golden. Wrong. Police came and shut me down. Considering no neighbors were home and we weren't really a rambunctious bunch I know it wasn't because someone called the cops. A lot of people ran for it (we were 17, so, what do you expect) but oddly the police just told me I had to call my dad and tell him and no one could leave the house until morning. I called my dad (trashed) but after the cops left we all were able to continue partying. I figured I was already screwed and my dad was 1000 miles away so why not make the best of it.

Lesson of this story; posting any party plans that involve underage drinking online can be and I monitored.

Secondary lesson; Cops in my town have a history of being way too nice to me. I mean. We were TRASHED. Ohh to be young.