Illustration for article titled Teleglass T4-N Video Glasses Designed with Normal People in Mind

If you are looking for a wearable monitor but don't want to look like a myopic cyborg (those of you who already do, please accept my deepest sympathies) then you could do worse than Teleglass's limited edition T4-N video glasses. Its titanium frames were designed by spectacle designer Kazuo Kawasaki and the rig, which is iPod-compatible, weighs just 30 grams. More info below.


You can connect the T4-N to any NTSC-capable video and watch on the two 640 x 480 resolution monitors that can be adjusted to avoid eye strain, that sit behind the lenses. That's like watching a 45-inch screen from two meters away. Audio comes through the frame-mounted earphones.

Just 500 pairs are available for now, costing $1,150 each, on the Scalar website, but if successful, expect to get a second bite of the cherry. [Scalar via Pink Tentacle]

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