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Telephoto Lens For Your Phone

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Falling into a tiny, sub-niche section of the market that I can't even begin to describe without the very real fear that my eyeballs might be blown out of their sockets by every individual brain cell in my head saying "what??" simultaneously, are these ridiculous conversion lenses made for MOBILE PHONE cameras.

Coming in telephoto, wide and macro varieties, these lenses—which you crudely attach with a magnet—ensure that you will make the very most out of that, ooh, 1 megapixel your phone camera is capable of shooting.


All this pointless novelty doesn't come cheap either—at 7000-yen (approx. $57) each you would expect Ansel Adams-like results. But I believe that all you'll elicit is a lot of people saying "hey, what the hell is that on your phone?" to your chagrin and shame.

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