I’ve had several jobs that involved processing tickets. The software often sucked and was frustrating to use. Even worse were the tickets themselves: vague, inane, confusing, infuriating. It’s time to let these tales of these ticketed tortures be heard. Do you feel my pain?

Aside from being treated rudely by anonymous strangers — cursed out or “yelled” at in all caps — I think the tickets that stuck with me most were just plain mind-bogglingly dumb. They’d go something like this:

hey its joe take my pictures off your website

Oh, hello, Joe! Good morning! Now where, pray tell, would I begin to find your pictures amongst the millions and millions of pictures hosted here? Might I bother you for something termed a “link”? Perhaps some form of identification past “Joe” and a hotmail email address? Thanks, Joe! Have a great day!


I’m thinking you guys have experiences from IT, customer service and other positions that make my tickets look like a walk in the park. Tell us your nightmare ticket tales in the comments below, or email me at tellgiz@gizmodo.com if you’ve got a lot to say. I know could talk about this topic for hours. What was your absolute worst ticket?

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