TenGO Free For Pocket PC/PDA

This Pocket PC/PDA software uses predictive text input and six "buttons" arranged in the standard QWERTY layout to let you input text much faster with a stylus than you would with a traditional software keyboard. In fact, the demo shows a nice looking lady with a teddy bear, in bed, entering in text at 72 words per minute! Amazing for a PDA device w/o a keyboard!


The software is free for personal, non-commercial use. So you can download and try it out for yourself. Also, if you're a nice looking broad, feel free to send us in videos of yourself in bed typing at your PDA.

Tengo Free [via Pocket PC Thoughts via jkOnTheRun]

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Well Jason, since you seem to enjoy broads typing in bed, here's another video at http://www.tengo.net/download/press… showing 75.57 words per minute.

I'm a little sceptical. This is an innovative product I'm sure, but the girls in these videos look like they've been practising that phrase all day to hit those speeds.

I'd make sure I have a good screen protector if I plan to be pounding the touchscreen like that.