Tennessee Has Mercy On Its Drivers, Installs iPad Kiosks at DMVs

In an effort to make the DMV seem less like the seventh ring of hell, the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland security has installed 72 iPad kiosks in 26 of these Satanic outposts across the state.

Called ASSETs, these self-renewal electronic terminals are supposed to speed up the process of getting a new license, rather than letting people waste hours of their short lives waiting in line underneath florescent lights inside a hot building with surly staffers. The terminals let drivers swipe and tap through the forms they need to re-up, and pay with a credit or debit card at the end. And they don't have to wait several weeks to get the updated document in the mail—the license prints out in just a few minutes. More states should give this a try, unless of course they enjoy people routinely threatening to committ harakiri at the DMV. [Mashable]


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