Tent-Mounted Wind Charger Powers Up That Cellphone in the Wilderness

With summer a mere hours away, our thoughts turn to the great outdoors and camping, and what better way to keep gabbing on your cellphone in the wilderness than a wind- powered cellphone charger? Perch this mini windmill atop your tent and it pumps out a half-watt trickle charge as long as the wind blows.

You'll need a 12mph wind for 24 hours to charge up that cellie, but with a little luck the wind will hold at a level that's strong enough to charge up your cellphone but not so powerful as to blow over your tent. Another cool pic of the contraption, after the jump.


This prototype, commissioned by Brit telecom company Orange, feeds its generated power into a control box that charges up batteries, and then you plug your cellphone into that.

The lightweight device weighs a mere 6 ounces without its tent mount, and if all goes well with its test phase, it might just make it to the commercial market.

Gotwind, via Treehugger


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