Terminator Salvation Blu-ray Director's Liveblog Tonight

Check back tonight at 9PM Eastern (6PM Pacific) for our liveblog of the Terminator Salvation Blu-ray director's commentary session. Yeah, McG is going to be narrating along with the movie, just like Chris Nolan with the Dark Knight.


It's going to be the first audio commentary that's live streamed from off the disc, so that'll be interesting to see, even if the movie (or the commentary) won't live up to expectations.

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What the hell can McG possibly say to go along with this movie?

McG: Holy shit dude. I totally forgot I put this scene in. Fucking awesome

RAlicea: Hey why did you make the control room look like that?

McG: Who gives a fuck? I'm the one raking in dough on this shit

McG signed off