Terrifying Alpine Roller Coaster Is Just One Faulty Screw Away From Death

Ah, the Alps. I always enjoyed my vacations there. Fresh air, sun, good food, breathtaking scenery... a perfect place for relaxation, yodeling, and massive jacuzzi orgiesparties. And—looking at the world's highest roller coaster video—a perfect place to die.


It's called Alpine Coaster and is located at the Glacier 3000 ski area, with views to the Montblanc, the Matterhorn and the Jungfrau mountains. One kilometer long, the roller coaster races down the slopes with ten curves, six waves, three jumps and two bridges. And plenty of empty space below for you to fall down. There, only $56 stand and a faulty screw between you and sure death. [Techeblog—Thanks Noah !]

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$56 to ride a rollercoaster?