Testing the HappyVappy Vaporizer

Click to viewI had a chance to test out the HappyVappy Vaporizer for vaporizing vaporizables, and videographer Alex Goldberg was on hand to capture the magic as it happened. It, uh, well, it works. It's a healthier way to smoke, as it heats your plant life up to a high enough temperature to release whatever chemicals you're trying to extract without burning it, so there's no smoke. I personally don't smoke anything all too often, but if you do, it's a nice, albeit expensive ($200) and elaborate, way to do your thing without hurting your pink and tender lungs. [Product Page]


All hail king adam.

Dude , i've been laughing for like half an hour and im not even under the influence of, huh, "vaporizables", about engadget... Who or what is engadget?