Illustration for article titled Textable iBall, the Big Ball That Displays Text Messages

Spacewriter's Textable iBall is poised to change the way you read text messages, since, apparently, reading text messages on a cellphone is passé. Once you've inserted the proper SIM card, the 11-inch iBall can display text messages, images and animations on its surface in a variety of groovy colors, including green, red, blue, turquoise, mauve, yellow and black. It comes with 64Mb of memory to store plenty of your friends' adorable drunk texts messages.


How much would you pay for such a stunning advancement in science? $0? $1? Significantly more than that, amigos, since the Textable iBall retails for a startling $940. Add the uncertainty of whether or not it even works on U.S. cellular networks and you've got yourself a real winner.

Product Page [Spacewriter via Gearlog]


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