Bioware's fantasy video game franchise Dragon Age is no stranger to the figure world ‚ÄĒ there's been a few in various sizes. But it's about time that someone got round to bringing the series to ultra-detailed, 1/6th scale glory it deserves. Step up Alistair, from ThreeZero!

Based on his appearance in Dragon Age Inquisition (which, alas, means we get a slightly weirder looking version of the character, rather than the Origins version many are familiar with), ThreeZero's Alistair is hopefully the first in a series based on the games, because he looks lovely. The face sculpt is a little off, but otherwise the rest of the details are spot on, right down to his thick Ferelden clothing.


This is certainly not an Alistair that is going to be swooped on!


Accessories-wise, Alistair is a little threadbare ‚ÄĒ he comes with a sword and shield and some extra hands, but I guess he's meant to get by on merely being Alistair, who is fantastic. Sadly, not even being Alistair quite cuts it when you cost a hefty HK$1160, or around $150. At least they thrown in a code for a random free item in Inquisition, I guess. Lets hope any future entries in this line come with a bit more.

If you want one, preorders on ThreeZero's webstore go live on Tuesday, March 31st, at 9am Hong Kong time. That's 9pm EDT and 6pm PDT on the 30th.

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