There is absolutely no aspect of your job that necessitates the use of a spycam necktie. I'm sorry, but your work just isn't that interesting. But that's why Man was given imagination.

For instance, you could pretend that you needed this $128 tie for important reconnaissance work, using its one button controls to grab footage of Joe using the copier, or Marie pouring another cup of coffee. Later, when downloading 30 hours of 352x288 .avi footage to an XP or Vista machine, scrupulous review could reveal that Joe had actually planted a miniature explosive while duplicating those expense reports, set to blow the next time someone made a double-sided copy. And there's Marie, making her way over to the machine now! That earth-loving hippie will surely make a double sided print. Run like the wind, my dull office companion! Run! [Thanko via DVICE]


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