Thanko's Cooling Fan Keyboard Cools Your Over-Heated Wrists

Illustration for article titled Thankos Cooling Fan Keyboard Cools Your Over-Heated Wrists

Bless those guys at Thanko—they've been wondering what else to apply fan-cooling tech to, and have come up with this keyboard that cools something you never thought needed it: your wrists. The gizmo has three fans built into the wrist-rest area of a standard USB keyboard, ready to puff sweet air at your sweaty wrists at the flick of a switch. Bizarre. And if you want one, you'd better have really hot, sweaty arms indeed 'cause this thing takes up two USB ports. It looks pretty sturdy, mind you, and is out in Japan for about $62. [FarEastGizmos]


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Platypus Man

Wait, won't the vents need to, like, be sticking off of the table to work correctly? So if you use this, you'll have the few inches of vents always sticking out off of the side of the desk, just so you can cool your wrists when they get hot? Do your wrists get hot?