Thanks from the Gizmodo Gallery

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Over a span of only three months we successfully dreamt up and executed our best Gallery ever. That timing is extremely short, and without the exceptional people who helped there wouldn't have been a Gizmodo Gallery at all. Thank you.


The Gizmodo Gallery is unlike any other consumer electronics party or event. All of the Gallery item curation is done by our editorial team, and we don't accept payments for the products we showcase. It'd be easy enough to just sell out all the space in the Gallery and have gadget companies set up shop like a Best Buy or a trade show. We've always felt that approach offers very little to our attendees. Instead, we try to imagine a Gallery that actually brings the fun of to life. I think we pulled it off once again.

Because we don't go the easy route, it means all the people involved in the planning process have to trust our dreams to actually help out. It takes a impressively large list of people who go out of their way to make the Gallery possible. This post is for them.

From myself and the whole team at Gizmodo this is a huge THANK YOU for making the Gizmodo Gallery come to life. Without all these people below I don't know what we would have done.

Thank you...

– Daniel White for your skilled event planning, impressive execution and great staff.
– Keenen Thompson for doing just about everything, and while being yelled at.
– Sam Ortega for all the beautiful branding and countless reprints.
– Mario Aguilar for the life of the Gallery online and the overall planning.
– Julia Schweizer for all the party planning and making sure we always had everything we needed.
– Julia Alvidrez for handling all the planning details that no one else had time for.
– Colin Winkelman for working just as hard as Daniel White and always being ready to do anything.
– Greg Takayama for making sure any site related tech plan was actually do able, and if it wasn't figuring out a way.
– Juan Puntes and everyone else at White Box for not only giving us a perfect Gallery space but hanging out with us and making it feel like a home.
– Woody Alan Jang for all the video work that frames the Gallery perfectly.
– Rob Fissmer at Vitsoe for giving us a wall unit display that ended up looking more impressive anything we could have built.
– Chris Wire, Matt Zolman and everyone else at Real Art Design Group of resurrecting the massive Santa Claw and giving us our most impressive Gallery item.
– Charlie Able, Alexis Burson, Ivy Chan, Jennifer Chang, Trevor Hollyn Taub, Eliza Montgomery, and David Zhai from Clomubia University for building us a bigger Polymorphic Bench that was the perfect center piece in the Gallery.
– Ashley Edwards at Lego for not only giving us Lego Santa Yoda but also helping us create an impressive winter backdrop made of actually Lego.
– Michael Lipton and everyone else at Breakfast for installing the hugely popular Instaprint
– Keith Ozar and Makerbot for the best bots and a great artist presentation.
– Eclectic Method, Seth Scoblionko and Justin Bolognino for great live show that fit perfectly in the theme of the Gallery.
– Tim Yu at Nike for trusting us with the extremely rare Nike MAGs.
– Steve Wozniak aka WOZ for co-hosting our opening party and loving what we do.
– Alan Danzis at Sharp for making sure we had the largest TV and largest 3DTV in America.
– Josh Schnakenberg at AMNH for convincing the museum to loan us Michael Novacek's Field Journals and setting up an out of this world talk by Carter Emmart.
– Lucas Furst and crew at Sushi Popper for providing the best party food ever.
– Elise Leonard at Nerf for supplying everything we needed for a reader war inside the Gallery.
– Mark Van Hook, Jeff Han and everyone else at Perceptive Pixel for brining us the largest and most advanced multi-touch display.
– Joergen Geerds for stopping by and creating panoramic images of every gallery we've ever had.
– Joe Brown and Brian Barrett for the Gizmodo hustle, direction and edits.
– Gizmodo Staff for defining all the gadgets quickly and givings us more than just gadgets to display.
– Mike Genereaux at Popcake for saving us in the final hour and making sure we have enough delicious pancakes to last us a lifetime.
– Chris McVeigh aka PowerPig for loaning us his artwork.
– Tricia Mifsud at Roku for the all Roku Boxes to use as Santa Claw prizes.
– .Jessica Redman of MWW Group representing Samsung for all the devices to use as Santa Claw prizes.
– Erin, Meredith and everyone else in Gawker Media Sales.
– Land Rover for the sponsorship.
– Brian Ashcraft for the help in Japan.
– Jesus Diaz for the original Mac from his personal collection.
– Andrea Courtney at Weber Shandwick.
– Victor Weilin Liu at AT&T for pulling through with all of the Apple products no one else would lend us.
– Robert Lawson at NILO Nails
– Alex Rosson and Sankar Thiagasamudram at Audeze.
– Jerry at Well Rounded Sound, Inc.
– Geoff Coalter at MWW Group representing Nikon.
– Deanna Siste at The OutCast Agency representing SWITCH.
– Lynsey Kehrli at Edelman representing PANTONE.
– Vanessa Tartak at Max Borges Agency representing Libratone.
– Hunter Craighill at Best Made Co.
– Justin McCarthy at Garmin.
– Laura Jakosky at iRobot.
– Kevin McCarthy at Canon.
– Lesli Benefield at MWW Group representing Samsung.
– Alyson Davis at Edelman representing Microsoft.
– Jessica Parker at GoPro.
– Ashley Eggert at Dittoe PR representing Klipsch.
– Jeff Touzeau at Hummingbird Media, Inc. represenring Sennheiser.
– Carolyn Thomas at The OutCast Agency.
– Brady Bargenquast at Audioengine.
– John Nicoll at Nicoll Public Relations, Inc. representing Bowers and Wilkins.
– Mitch Polikoff at Ketchum representing Sharp.
– Adam Sohmer at Sohmer Associates representing Polk Audio.
– Gordon Sell at Gordon Sell Public Relations representing Onkyo.
– Britta Franson at Formula PR representing Pioneer.
– Doug Wright at Giles Communications representing Yamaha.
– Allison Milton at Edelman for providing Microsoft Xboxes and games.
– Douglas Little at Wacom.
– Kasey Farrar at Nokia.
– Erick Oliveros at QNAP.
– Toni Lucatorto at Vision Research
– Hailin Huang at Topping Audio.
– Jessica Luken at OCZ Technology.
– Melissa Cusumano at VAT19.
– Jake Bronstein at Buckyballs.
– Naama Agassi for his branch holders.
– Susan at Candle Corner.
– David Kramer at Tekserve.