Thanks to Vitsoe for Holding Gizmodo Gallery Together (Literally)

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Did you see what an incredible job the planners at Vitsoe did with all of the shelving at Gizmodo Gallery? We didn't call them in just because its look is gorgeous or just because it's classic. We called them in because it's both.

Maybe the best way to think about why Vitsoe was the right choice for Gizmodo Gallery is how they handled our Past Perfect and Desired exhibits. These precious goods were literally held together with Vitsoe shelving; we didn't trust anyone else with the job. We felt that the elegant, beautiful design was the a great symbol for the bridge that exists between the "Desired" objects of today and the "Past Perfect" of yesterday because Vitsoe is both.


The 606 Universal Shelving System was developed by the legendary Braun designer Dieter Rams in 1960, and in a lot ways it remains the platonic ideal for the storage we use in our homes today. At the same time, the Vitsoe shelving system is beautiful example of modern, minimalist design that remains aesthetically pleasing to contemporary tastes. We'd be just as happy to have it in our homes today as some would have 50 years ago. [Vitsoe]