That Other Map Was Wrong. This Is Your State's Real Favorite Music

You might've seen stories over the last couple of days about a map that misguided writers claim show every state's favorite music. Those stories are lies. This map by the same data nerd, Paul Lamere, shows the most popular artist in each state. Makes a lot more sense this time, huh?


The map above shows the most played artist in every state according to Echo Nest data. The Echo Nest, for those of you who don't know, is the music intelligence company that powers features in everything from Spotify to Rdio to Nokia Music. In the new map, the artists that dominate the map are much more popular than they were before. Huge swaths are dominated by big names like Drake, Jay-Z, and Macklemore. Your state's not so special anymore. The truth is sad sometimes. But it's the truth!

As Paul Lamere points out in a blog post, the map that was circulating the other day didn't show the most popular artist in every state, but rather, the distinctive artist in every state.

This is the previously published map that shows the artists that are listened to proportionally more frequently in a particular state than they are in all of the United States.

Just goes to show that when you're reading data, it's important to read carefully lest you jump to the wrong conclusions. [Music Machinery]


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