That Social RockMelt Browser Is Available for the iPhone

RockMelt, the super social desktop browser based on Chrome, is now available on the iPhone. Unsurprisingly, it's as social network friendly as ever. Hell, when you open up the browser for the first time, you have to connect your Facebook account to use RockMelt.

There's a browser in RockMelt, I'm sure, but the rest of the app throws so many different features that it's easy to forget that it's a browser at all. For example, articles can be saved to read later, Facebook news update and Twitter updates are available to read and respond to, and there's even an option to add RSS feeds. What's especially neat in RockMelt is that if your friend links an article via Twitter or Facebook, the linked webpage will display on the same page (right under the status update)—less clicking and jumping around!


If you really think about it, RockMelt combines the features of the apps I use most on my iPhone—Twitter, Reeder, Instapaper, Safari—into one app. It doesn't necessarily do anything better than those apps but it makes it a lot easier to share and respond to items than the typical browser, which I guess is what RockMelt hangs its hat on. The iPhone app actually works better if you've set up the desktop version of RockMelt, since they sync up nicely with each other. But be sure to give it a whirl since it's free. [iTunes]

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That sounds...incredibly obnoxious, truth be told.

I don't especially want a Swiss Army Knife of a browser that does everything at once (even if I just want to do one thing, like read a damn article).

Also obnoxious: Their incredibly repetitive aping of "Mr. Blue Sky".