That Stupid Ass Expensive iPhone Adapter Won't Support Video and iPod Out (Updated)

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The iPhone 5 is using the new 'Lightning' port which means we all need to buy dumb, expensive adapters if we want to keep using our old accessories. Unfortunately, those adapters don't support video and iPod out. It's okay, it's not as bad as it sounds.


It's still not good—especially for those people who use their iPhone for video out—but iPod out doesn't exactly mean your iPod speakers are now dead and useless, instead, iPod out is a feature that some car manufacturers (BMW, for example) use for their in-car displays. iPod out lets cars basically port the iPod interface onto their head units and control it from the car. With the adapter, it can no longer do that. You'll likely have to control your music from the iPhone and not your diamond-encrusted steering wheel. Annoying, to be sure. But hardly the end of the world.

As for the lack of video out in the adapters, it looks like you can't use a lightning adapter in addition with one of these 30-pin to HDMi adapters. If you want to do video out with your iPhone 5, it looks like you'll likely have to use Airplay over Apple TV. It looks like in the quest to shrink the iPhone cable, video and iPod out ended up as casualties. [CNN, iMore]

Update: Apple told the Verge that Lightning to HDMI and Lightning to VGA cables "will be available in the coming months". Hooray? More cables to buy as these ripoff adapters still won't work.


Sean Buchanan

this is actually a huge deal. I love how these apple fanboy bloggers make it seem like its no a big deal but every single car that can support on screen apps is now screwed. That means if I go and buy a brand new bmw right now my new iphone 5 will not be supported... thats a huge huge deal. Apple could have easily incorporated video and ipod out onto this adapter but chose not to. Thats wrong. I just bought my fiance a brand new stereo for her car and it has ipod out and certain apps show up on screen (navi,pandor, etc.) and now if she gets the new iphone 5 it is pretty much incompatible unless I wait for pioneer to come out with a new iphone 5 compatible cable. Thats insane.