The 10 Best Movie Weapons of All-Time: The People Speak!

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A few months ago, Wizard Universe released a 50 Greatest Fictional Weapons of All-Time list and, as you might have guessed, geeks were up in arms. There were some glaring omissions (Wolverine's claws?) and a serious mixup in the top 10 (He-Man's power sword beat the lightsaber). Thanks to a survey delivered to 2000 moviegoers by 20th Century Fox, the people have decided on the 10 best movie weapons. Let's see if this list is more to your liking. Check them out after the break.


1. Lightsaber (Star Wars)

2. .44 Magnum (Dirty Harry)

3. Bullwhip (Indiana Jones)

4. Samurai sword (Kill Bill)

5. Chainsaw (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

6. Golden Gun (James Bond - The Man With The Golden Gun)

7. Bow and arrow (Robin Hood)

8. Machine gun (Scarface)

9. The Death Star (Star Wars)

10. Bowler hat (James Bond - Goldfinger)

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Does anyone remember that crazy laser whip thing that that one dude pulled out of his thumb on Johnny Mnemonic? That was pretty wicked! It looks more dangerous to wield than a lightsaber even.

Speaking of Johnny Mnemonic, it seams like we should be able to put about 320GB of data in our heads sooner than 2021.