The 12th Russian Spy Worked at Microsoft

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He may not have the femme fatale appeal of Anna Chapman, but recently deported Russian spy Alexey Karetnikov had something eve more intriguing: gainful employment at Microsoft. Which might explain a lot about Vista, amIright?


The twentysomething Karetnikov actually worked at Microsoft for a nine month period as a software tester, meaning he wasn't actually writing any code. He also, according to his Facebook page, worked for a Romanian software company called Neobit. And yes, Microsoft has confirmed that it's the same guy.

Karetnikov was detained sometime last week, but wasn't charged with any crimes. He was in the early stages of establishing cover, and his arrest is expected to be the last. Let's hope so, both for the state secrets and to keep media attention squarely focused on the hot one. [Washington Post]



Soo...what I mostly don't understand is what the heck were they spying for?

Since they don't seem to have been trying to find out super secret government secrets, what was the point of all of this?

Couldn't they have just used Google like the rest of us!