The 2016 Presidential Candidates' Most Embarrassing Tech Fails

The 2016 presidential candidates talk a big game when it comes to technology policy, but do they even understand the technology they’re using every day? Here’s a look at the candidates’ greatest tech blunders:

Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton used her family’s private email server for official communication while US Secretary of State. And as a gaffe inside a gaffe, like a fuck-up taco supreme, one email showed that Clinton was unable to turn on the “ringer” of her phone. Her aide helped her get out of that jam.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders was accused of improperly accessing confidential voter data by the Democratic National Committee. His step-daughter says if they still made cars with manual locks and windows, Sanders would own one. Somewhere Elon Musk is shedding a tear.

Donald Trump


Donald Trump tweeted from an iPhone on the same day he called for an Apple boycott. We’re also not entirely convinced he’s ever used a computer.

Ted Cruz


An elected Texas senator? Yes. Adept at securing obvious domain names for presidential campaign? Not so much. is just a single-page message supporting president Obama, who Cruz vocally opposes. Luckily, Cruz was able to snatch up before liberal ne’er-do-wells got their grubby hands on it. Oh, wait...

Marco Rubio


Marco Rubio thinks of himself as the tech industry’s savior, but he may actually be Robot Rubio in a politician skin suit paying deference to his technological overlords.


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