The 27-Foot Nimbus E-Power Is The World's First Commercially Available Electric Boat

Our quest for green energy has taken to the high seas with the Nimbus E-Power. Despite being fueled by electricity, it manages a respectable top speed of 27 knots and a range of 20 nautical miles on a 4-hour charge.

Actually, that's 4-hours on a 3-phase 400V/32 source. It takes 28 hours on a standard, European 220V outlet. To put the benefits of an electric-powered boat in perspective, consider this: a full charge only runs about 5 Euros (about $7.40). The boat may be priced 30 or 40 percent higher than an equivalent diesel powered craft, but you could save money over the 10 year life of the battery on fuel costs.


If you have the means it's probably a good idea to wait a bit longer for Nimbus to improve the technology. Apparently, a new generation of batteries that can double the range will be available "soon". That would make it a serious competitor will diesel boats in terms of performance while offering you more juice to rig up a way to electrocute fish. [Nimbus via Luxist]

UPDATE: Nimbus claims that E-Power is the "world's first electrically powered boat for the commercial market", but it appears that there are other companies out there that have been selling electric boats for decades. However, the E-Power seems to be bigger than previous models.

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