Late last year, Microsoft booted out booted out its head of Windows, Steve Sinofsky. Now, a few more details have come out about his departure—including who Microsoft have banned him from working for.


In a 10-K filing, it's revealed that Microsoft has said Sinofsky “cannot accept direct or indirect employment” with Amazon, Apple, EMC, Google, Facebook, Oracle and VMware. Until December 31st 2013 at last—a year on from his termination date.

All those make sense: most of them are obvious direct competitors with the company, at least in one area or another (EMC and VMware are skewed to the enterprise side of things in case you were wondering). Now's not a time to feel sorry for Sinofsky, though: remember he walked away with $8.5 million from Microsoft when he was forced to leave. [GigaOm]

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