The Adult Version Of Razor's Awesome Crazy Cart Will Be Available Soon

Last year Razor revealed a compact go-kart-like creation called the Crazy Cart featuring a single steerable wheel allowing riders to perform astonishing drifts and turns. Unfortunately it was designed for kids and had a weight limit of just 140 pounds. This made a lot of adults sad, but since Razor wants to put a smile on everyone's face, it's created a grown-up version called the Crazy Cart XL. Just take our money already.

The original Crazy Cart was actually still strong enough for adults to ride, but the extra weight meant the top speed would be severely limited, making it slightly less fun. The Crazy Cart XL on the other hand features a larger stronger frame, a more powerful battery and 500-watt electric motor, and a bigger seat so adults won't feel cramped when taking it for a spin. It can handle riders up to 300 pounds in weight, and can reach a top speed of around 17 miles per hour which sounds as fun as it does scary.


The drift bar lever has also been reinforced and improved, so it's easier for the rider to lift the vehicle and allow the caster wheels underneath to freely spin, which is what makes the Crazy Cart XL perform its wonderfully fun maneuvers. There's still a learning curve so you can master cornering without going into a wall, but it's guaranteed to be far more entertaining that driver's ed was.


There's a catch to all this fun, though. Razor only plans to make 1,600 of the Crazy Cart XLs, and they'll only be available on the company's website or for $800 starting this December. That's twice as much as the original $400 Crazy Cart, but watching the video it's clear you'll be getting far more than twice the fun out of this thing. [Razor]

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1600 you say? I see a potential resell opportunity here.