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The Antlers: Hotel

Summer can't be all wild beach parties and fireworks and Songs of the Summer. There's dim-roomed sunburn agony and thunderstorm-brokered power outages too—and these moments deserve their own playlist, as well. Here's one nominee: Hotel, an amazing, foggy track off of the Antler's latest album, Familiars.


Released in mid-June, Familiars is no fun-time summer jam album—and that's why it's great. Instead, it's a collection of rolling, volatile songs that aren't exactly dark, but are definitely shadowy. Check out the video, above, which features a sculpture made from ferrofluid, a magnetic liquid that's manipulated by magnets—originally invented by NASA. [Spotify]

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Definitely their weakest album since they got big but still some really great tracks like this, Palace, and Director. It also doesn't seem to flow as well as an album as their previous efforts which I guess wasn't unexpected after that EP.