The Archie Gang, Just Watching Some Murder

Image: CW.
Image: CW.

You may have noticed there’s a lot of love for Riverdale, the CW’s insane Archie TV show. There’s just something special about taking the ultimate family-friendly Archie characters and forcing them to deal with murder, probable incest, betrayal, statutory rape, the most hilariously awful parents that have possibly ever been on TV, and more. Anyway, in next week’s episode, it looks like the gang sits down together to watch the filmed execution of another human being, presumably Jason Blossom.

I gave this show a bit of shit when it was first announced because I was baffled why Archie Comics the company would make a surreal soap opera when it could adapt it’s excellent and not-insane Archie comic relaunch from a couple of years ago. I still think that would have been an excellent idea, but Riverdale is much, much too ridiculous and fun for me for me to mind anymore.

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Riverdale is what Gotham could have been if it had competent writers. It like Gotham knows its crazy and ridiculous and has embraced it. However its brand of crazy is under control allowing for a veneer of respectability to remain despite being one of the most insane series on television right now.