The Atomic Rocker - A New Age "Nintendo Chair"

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Yeah, everyone remembers their favorite Nintendo chair as a kid. You know, those chairs without side or any kind of legs, they just sat and rocked back and forth, keeping you content through hours upon hours of Mario. Now those chairs were nice and all, but they had their flaws. Some guys with the Starr Design Group have developed this chair which is similar to the old-school Nintendo chairs, but completely revitalized.

It is made of a virtually indestructible closed cell foam on a steel frame. It has a bungee on the side for remote storage (bungee is same material as Lance Armstrong bracelets)


Pricing and availability info forthcoming. Now if only someone would bring back bean bag chairs and make them not able to go flat under my rotundity, that would be super.

This image was lost some time after publication.

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