The Bamboo Asus Laptop Lives: Meet the U53

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So, you're a large consumer electronics company: how do you differentiate your midrange laptops from the dozens of other near-identical product on the market? You make them out of bamboo, sort of!

This announcement is less an individual laptop—the U53 was barely spec'd, though the previously rumored version of the device, the U6, was pegged at around $2,000—and more an assurance that Asus hasn't given up on its Bamboo "eco" PC line, which had, as of June, looked kind of dead.


Evidently, though, they're solidering on with it. Also assured at this press conference: that said forthcoming Asus bamboo eco-laptops (they're "eco" because you have to kill a specific plant to build them, or something) won't have parasites. Welcome to CES, everyone!