The Bar Fight Dominator Is A Slingshot That Shoots Glass Ashtrays

What is there to even say? Joerg Sprave dreamed up a slingshot that shoots glass ashtrays and has a broken beer bottle attached as a bayonet. It's all pretty legit.


The slingshot is pump-powered and holds four ashtrays at a time (three in the clip plus one in the chamber). It's accurate at close range and boy can it destroy a watermelon. The grapefruit was pretty tough, but as Joerg points out while checking the damage, "That would have been a pretty painful hit, I guess." Maybe this thing is too effective? It's certainly sinister. [Slingshot Channel]

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Bill Zilla

All of this presupposes you're fighting it out in a bar that still allows smoking and also puts out glass ashtrays.. which I don't think I've seen at a watering hole in 20 years.