The Best Apps of the Week

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In this week's app roundup: Google+, unveiled; GPS, painted with direction; North Korea, photographed; iPhones, playing dead; Instagram, challenged by Google; background checks, forever creepy; fourways, on Fring; and much, much more.

The week's best iPhone apps


TapNav: It's a GPS app that cleverly uses Augmented Reality to show you which direction the road is going to go. Once you fire open the app, you'll see what's literally in front of you IRL (it uses a live feed from the camera like other AR apps) and a series of "AR" discs that paint the direction you should be going. So not only do you know which way to turn, you won't get lost as long as you follow the blue disc road. $3

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The week's best Android apps


Google+: Google+ Can it be good? The app is. The home page of Google+ acts as launcher for the four main features of the app: Circles, Stream, Huddle and Photos. Circles lets you share things within a select group of people. Stream gives you a live timeline of updates from your friends, not unlike what Facebook's news feed does. Huddle is like GroupMe or any group chat service, where you can create groups on the fly and talk amongst yourselves to plan out a night, a vacation, etc. Photos is really great as it has an 'Instant Upload' feature that can automatically send your pictures and videos to the cloud for super easy sharing. Free

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The week's best iPad apps


Fotopedia North Korea: Eric Lafforgue, a photograph, went inside the veil of North Korea and took thousands of pictures for Fotopedia to show the world a little glimpse of what the oddest country in the world looks like. He was under tight supervision, so he couldn't dig deep but the app is well worth a look and includes interactive maps, slideshows, wallpapers and favorites to easily navigate, bookmark, organize and share these amazing pictures.

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