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The Best Fireworks in NYC Might Be This Beloved Illegal Display

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sure, there will be big, corporate-sponsored firework displays tonight in New York City, but the most entertaining show might be found in a neighborhood on the far northwestern tip of Manhattan. A documentary has been made to capture this dramatic display that pits block against block in the ultimate pyrotechnic spitting match.


The Incredibly Spectacular Dyckman Fireworks Co. is a 17-minute short film directed by Jonathan Ullman that infiltrates this renegade urban spectacle. Starting with the animated shit-talking between residents, the evening dissolves into a deliciously hazy melee of handcrafted explosives surreptitiously placed on streets as police cars make laps to keep the peace (yeah, right). As a woman declares at the beginning of the film: It's just as good as anything downtown—and maybe better. [The Incredibly Spectacular Dyckman Fireworks Co.]