The Best Laptop Sticker Turns Your Computer Into a Whiteboard

Like smartphones, it's getting harder and harder to differentiate laptops just by their appearance. So if you want yours to stand out, the easiest solution is to cover the lid in hilarious, ironic, or stylish stickers. But for a little bit of added functionality, you might also want to consider DrawAttention's giant whiteboard stickers that turn your laptop into a presentation tool—no PowerPoint required.


They're not only useful as a mobile brainstorming tool, though. They can also deliver important messages to co-workers about disturbing you, advertise your skills to others in a coffee shop, or just let you doodle a custom design when you're feeling artistically motivated. And just like a regular whiteboard, it easily wipes clean when you need a blank slate.

The decals range in price from $12 to $16 depending on the size you need for your hardware, and DrawAttention will soon offer slightly smaller and cheaper versions for tablets like the iPad, if you've successfully managed to disconnect yourself from having to carry a laptop around. [DrawAttention via Cool Hunting]

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